Welcome to Cheryl-Lloyd.com

This is my 'formal' site, where I do schoolwork and have links to sites I have created or helped create. Also included in this site are the essays, articles and notes I've written or taken for various courses.

I own the copyright to all images and written work. If you would like to have something on your site, please contact me and we can work something out. I can't say as I'll give my work away, but we can discuss what's needed and why you want it. I'm flexible that way.

For web security reasons, I'm not going to post my resume on this site, but if you're interested in a copy of it, I can provide you with a PDF file.

This site, like my others, are works in progress. I will add to the site when I get the chance and revamp it when I can. Doing personal sites are a lot harder than doing sites for someone else. I'm my own worst critic.

Having said all that, you're welcome to browse through things and see what I've done. My schoolwork is only partially completed. I have since left formal classes but I'm working on going through all the textbooks I purchased. This may take a while as they're not as explicit as I'd like to see on new subjects. My notes for the textbooks will be posted as I go through them.

Cheryl Lloyd
Saskatchewan, Canada
March 2011